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Instant Bank Transfer Options In Rainbow Riches Slot Game Casinos

Having a problem processing your money just to play your favorite casino game can be frustrating. You may have the money but not the time to play the game because how your money is still in a transaction progress despite your excitement to play. Rainbow Riches slot game casinos introduce us to the Instant Bank Transfer option. In this article, we will talk about what is instant bank transfer, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages. 

What is Instant Bank Transfer?

Instant Bank Transfer is a method allowing customers or users to make payments or any transactions in general instantly. This option is a much faster alternative than other bank transfer options because, unlike other options, it usually takes several business days to complete. But for the instant bank transfer, the movement of money from one bank account to another is occurring only in a matter of seconds. 

This money transfer service is usually managed through electronic payment systems. They utilize real-time payment networks together with payment systems that have instant transaction features. 

How to do an Instant Bank Transfer on a Rainbow Riches Slot Games Website

Take note that the process and time may vary from different online slot game websites. However, we can still provide you the general information on what to do in order to do an instant bank transfer. 
  • You need to sign-up and log in to your online casino account for verification of your identity. 
  • Navigate to the banking or cashier section of the casino website. This section is where you will facilitate your funds and deposits from your source. 
  • From the options in that section, select “instant bank transfer” or “bank transfer” there. Make sure that the website you play on has an available instant bank transfer option in order to proceed. 
  • Fill up the necessary information such as payment details or general information about your bank account which usually includes an account number, routing number, and the bank name. 
  • Before verifying the transaction, double-check the details you have entered to avoid issues and delays. And if you are sure of the details, simply confirm the transaction. There are instances where you are required for verification.
  • Since the payment option is instant bank transfer, the funds will be transferred immediately to your casino account. This will be only after the verification step. 
  • You can finally deposit your preferred amount to the game you are playing. Remember, always bet responsibly and always keep your eyes on the bonuses and rewards you can get if you deposit a certain amount from the game you are playing. The rewards and bonuses may vary. 

Pros and Cons of Using Instant Bank Transfer


  • The transaction speed is definitely one of their best qualities. The funds in your casino account will be usually updated within minutes. 
  • The transfer of money is accessed directly from your bank account to your casino account. What this means is that there are no intermediaries between both ends. Hence, this reduces fees and charges. 
  • One might initially think that there is a risk in security when it comes to faster transactions. However, that is not the case for this because online casinos use encryption methods for their security to ensure your transaction is processed without risks. 


  • This payment method’s availability could be a problem because it is still not open to all regions. There are chances that you cannot use this payment option if you are in an unavailable region. 
  • One of their disadvantages is the withdrawal limitations. Even if you are ready to win bigger prizes, this payment method limits you so your only plausible choice is to opt for other options for additional funds to deposit. 
  • If you prefer to keep your gambling activities to be low-key or private, then this is not a recommended payment option for you as they link your casino activity to your bank directly. 

Is it recommended to use the instant bank transfer payment option?

The instant bank transfer payment option is a good choice if you are ready to play Rainbow Riches games with real money immediately. Preparing your money to deposit to their games will only take minutes so it is very convenient for the players.